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Code of Conduct

We DO:

  • Work on a "sole introducer" basis with candidates/teams to avoid confidentiality issues
  • Meet all clients and candidates prior to any business relationship
  • Handle all communications with total and complete discretion
  • Confirm only realistic prospects of a successful move to those we would represent
  • Instigate sound legal advice through specialist lawyer with regard to restrictive covenants
  • Agree all client fees up front, clearly and in writing before effecting any introduction
  • Return all communications from those with whom we work within a working day
  • Provide a personal, supportive and tailored service based on old fashioned values such as honesty and integrity


  • Release any identifying information without prior and express permission from those concerned
  • Limit ourselves to favourite market contacts nor by preferred supplier list constraints
  • Represent those with no credible likelihood of potentially portable business following
  • Delegate any communication nor activity to anyone other than the single contact point
  • Leave clients nor those we represent waiting for news or wondering on outcomes
  • Work with those registered with agencies or sharing highly confidential information elsewhere
  • Poach individuals or teams who the company has previously introduced to a client, ever
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